Home Remedies for Shingles

Home Remedies for Shingles

Article by Hal Woods

Shingles that occurs in adults, otherwise known as herpes zoster, is a relapsing, acute development of the inactivated or dormant virus inside the nerve cell bodies. Shingles can be really bothersome for adults. Although there are no drugs that can totally cure or get rid of the dormant virus, there are drugs and methods that can shorten the duration of the illness and can provide relief from the pain and discomfort experienced by the individual. Along with medical intervention, supplementing the standard treatment regimen for shingles with home remedies can have benefits as well and provide some comfort.

There are many home remedies available to help patients with shingles. These home remedies range from the use of herbal concoctions to the use of other products that are not conventional forms of treatment but still provide added benefits. Natural remedies used for treating shingles, unlike some forms of pharmacologic therapy, can be applied to the skin and are free of side effects and can provide fast and efficient relief.

Mint leaves and nail polish removers provide fast relief from the symptoms of shingles by reducing pain. These treatments can be used for relief of mild to moderate pain. In cases of severe pain, medical intervention is necessary and use of more potent drugs such as opioid analgesics are required to provide comfort.

To make a mint leaves concoction, create a paste using three to four fresh, healthy mint leaves. Crush the leaves until it reaches the consistency of a paste. Apply the fresh mint paste on the affected areas where the rashes appear and cluster together. The mint provides a cooling effect to the surrounding affected areas. Once applied, desired effects can be reached in a matter of seconds to a few minutes. When more pain relief is desired, add more mint paste to the affected areas.

Nail polish remover is also an effective product that can provide fast relief for pain associated with shingles. Most nail polish removers contain a substance called acetone that can instantly cool off the burning skin and removes surrounding dead skin cells, bacteria, sebum and several other substances on the affected skin.

Acetone and mint paste, however, should not be directly applied near the eyes or around their orbit as it counteracts the intended benefits by irritating and providing more pain in the thin covering of the eye and the surrounding immediate area. Another simple solution to provide relief from shingles is the use of ice. An icepack may be applied on the affected areas for short periods as needed.

Aside from the mentioned home remedies for shingles, there are several important measures that should be kept in mind to provide further relief. Foods that contain high levels of salt, such as chips, canned foods, delicatessen meats, pre-packaged and preserved foods, should be avoided as this may further aggravate the condition. Consume significantly higher than usual servings of fruits which have a high water content.

During the course of the disease, it is important to take decent bed rest since shingles is re-activated in times of fatigue and too much stress. If the patient experiences fever along with other manifestations, the person should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, mostly water. Eat frequent, small amounts of nutritious, well-balanced meals at least six times every day. These simple measures should be followed to help regain energy from the general body weakness caused by the disease. These measures will also help strengthen the immune system that is primarily responsible for suppressing the development of herpes zoster or shingles.

Overall, home remedies for shingles are effective measures and are safe to use. It should be kept in mind, however, that although use of home remedies is a safe measure; it is of primary importance to seek close medical supervision. Home remedies should only be used along with other therapies and drugs provided by your primary physician.

Always remember to seek the advice of your physician whenever an episode of shingles develops, especially in cases when the rashes develop around the eyes or on the ears as these rashes may result into serious complications. As of now, studies don’t have solutions to totally eradicate shingles, but patients don’t typically have to be too concerned by it.

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