Your Questions About Shingles

David asks…

what could be wrong with me? I have many different symptoms over the past few years…..?

recurrent back pain/pinched nerve on the left side. recently no pain but i developed numbness in back.
an annoying sore/tender spot on my head on the left. sometimes it feels hot or swollen. (noticed 2 yrs ago. the dermatologist said it was”irritated” & not to worry bout it.)
then last november i had BAD skin problems. dry spots (eczema?) that when scratched turned into sores that wouldn’t heal. i never had skin problems before. the derm said it DIDN’T look like shingles but the wounds wouldn’t completely heal til i tried taking valtrex.
sometimes my thinking is fuzzy & i feel fatigued or “off”.
last year i was diagnosed with GERD. & i was having bad sharp pain in guts on my left side. i would get also get a “fluttering” feeling on the left. upper endoscopy showed inflammation but no clear reason why.
about 2 yrs ago i had a problem with muscle control over my right eye, it was drooping a bit.
had a few “panic attacks” last yr
i often catch sinus/throat infections
i have tried eating healthy things & drinking lots of water & green tea. i am working out a few times a week now. my overall energy strength & health isimproved but there is SOMETHING going on that i don’t think diet is gonna fix.

admin answers:

Hi THere

Look closely at the suggestions I make below (look at #4 especially), regardless of the health issue. If you do these steps below, you’ll give the body time to heal the issue without having to digest meat. Dairy, manmade chemicals, preservatives, etc.

Here is a list of important health topics people dont realize or take for granted and thus causes issues.

1. Stress = most of it is self induced. Even thinking and actually talking about negative means you attact more negative energy. Visualize and “Feel” a healthy beautiful body (end result) and you’ll have it before you know it.
Once the body breaks down from stress then its much easier to get sick or unhealthy for that matter.

Obviously exercise helps manages stress tremendously!

Remember what you focus on (negative or positive) is what you will attract in your life. This universal law is called “The Law of Attraction”.

2. Lack of water. Drink a gallon of distilled water to hydrate the body and flush out the excess waste and toxins out of the blood.

3. Nutrition = this helps heal the body and will gives it energy to work on the internal issues. Mainly raw organic fruit and vegetables. If you only ate organic raw F & V for 7-10 days and drank distilled water you would see a change in your energy and be on your way to better health. Letting the body rest from digesting meats, dairy, and processed foods would do wonders for you.

4. Clogged colon = Not eliminating the processed food and chemicals we eat every day will give anyone an illness and/or disease. If doctors we’re actually taught this, our society would be much improved. DO a colon and liver cleanse to clear out excess waste and toxins in the blood. This will help heal any illness or disease.

Best of health to you

Helen asks…

could this eye problem be a problem from past fighting?

I have tried to think of a thousand ways to word this.

in short, I lived with my father he found I had a natural skill for fighting and when he was drunk he would Challenge locals who came into his pub saying his daughter (11yrs) could beat their son hands down in a fight, anyway ths isn’t really the issue.

I was ill not long ago it started with a small rash on the top of my head (center parting) one doctor said it was shingles, another said it wasn’t and another said he wasn’t sure. Though I suffered a lot of the symptoms of shingles it is still unknown if i had it or not. My vision started to blur in my right eye about the same time that i was ill, I was sent to a specialist who has now referred me for an MRI scan because a Field test showed i had a loss of vision, this is to see if anything is pressing on my optic nerve or to see if this is the onset of MS.

I have never told any of my doctors about the fighting as i don’t want to be slapped onto anti depressants or told i need counseling because life is pretty good now and the past is in the past,

could a past blow to the head cause this sudden vision loss, I don’t feel it is worth mentioning but should i mention it just in case??

admin answers:

The answer is – it could have if a hit in the eye damaged the optic nerve or caused a hemorrhage within the eye. The test that was ordered was a Visual Fields test where you looked into a machine and pressed a button when you saw dots flash on the screen at different angles from your eyes. It is used to measure your peripheral vision (or the loss of it). You didn’t say what the MRI showed but yes, you need to tell the opthomologist about this fighting because at that age, it could have caused considerable damage which could now be affecting you. There is also a chance that the shingles you had could have spread into your eye which could also be serious.

Write everything down and then take it to the opthomologist and let them do the tests that are necessary to diagnose your condition and then treat it effectively.

Good luck to you.

Lisa asks…

What do I do about how my blood was taken?

This has been about a month ago, I was really sick and went to the ER. They had to draw blood from me and when they did they just started an IV because I needed fluid cause I was so dehydrated (no biggy), lol. Even though the paramedic who stuck me didn’t have the hose thingy tightened and blood went all over the floor from my arm. So that was no problem. He cleaned me up, got some blood and got the fluid going. About 10 minutes later a lab tech lady came in and said they needed more blood for more tests cause they didn’t get enough the first time. I asked if she was going to take it out of the other arm and she said yes (still thinking to myself, no big deal). I donate blood and I’m not afraid of those needles, however I can never watch them actually poke the needle in me. I look away and once poked I’m fine and look around. This lab tech grabbed a needle, so I thought she was preparing and so i turned my head but waiting for her to sterilize my arm. To my shock, as I had my head turned she just poked me and drew my blood. She didn’t even wipe the area with anything. Mind you, I just came off a roof from helping my brother shingle, I was filthy dirty. I’ve had cold/allergy like symptoms since but I don’t think it’s caused any damage. Should i let the hospital know? (stupid question ah)? I just don’t want the hospital to discriminate against me if I make this report. I usually am in the ER about once a month for migraines. Everyone is usually great to me (knock on wood). Who knows whats said once I walk out the doors though, lol. In all my 31yrs of life, I’ve always had my area’s cleaned when blood is draw. When I donate blood they clean the area for like 2 minutes with 2 different chemicals. I didn’t say anything cause it all happened so fast. Once she had my blood she jetted for the door. I was just in shock an didn’t want to argue cause I didn’t feel well. So whats E1’s opinion on this? Thanks, oh one more thing. When the paramedic drew my blood, this lab tech was even in the room and seen him cleaning my other arm before he drew the blood??????????
Yah, nice assumption Mike H. You have no idea what kind of medication is even given to me (if any), so is there something your hiding and coming clean with on here. By the way I’ve been recommended by my family Dr. to see the ER when I start to vomit from my migraines cause brain tumors and heart problems run in my family. I’ve passed out because they have gotten so bad. Did I say I’m treated everytime, no I did not. Did I say I’m treated with a narcotic (vicodin-like u mentioned), no I didn’t. Sorry to hear that your ER probably hates you but I’m going to protect my health when it comes to after hour Dr. visits specially when advised. So you take care and make sure you pop that vicodin before that soccer game so you can handle all those kids now.

admin answers:

It is no big deal that she didnt wipe the area. Several years ago there was a study which was conducted that showed diabetics who gave themselves insulin shots through their pants were at no greater risk of infection than those who wiped with alcohol first.
I wouldnt worry about it and let it go.

Sandy asks…

Chicken Pox or just a cold?

On 15th August my 3 year old boy came into contact with someone who had shingles (obviously we didn’t know he had shingles at the time).
Two days ago my Son had a slightly high temp, then again yesterday and today he’s woken up with a snotty nose and sneezing his little head off.

Are these the symptoms that you’d get before the spots appear or do you think he’s managed to miss it and its just a cold.

Our Son is a Page Boy at our friends wedding on 5th Sept, if it does turn out to be chicken pox do you think the spots will have been and gone by then?

I really hope its not the pox, Im 3 months pregnant and the last thing I need is to be in contact with a poorly child and also Im desperate for him to be page boy for the first time!

Timing couldn’t have been any worse could it!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Sometimes children have a fever and cold like symptoms before the spots appear, normally 2 days before.

If he does get it, make sure his nails are short to prevent scarring. It isn’t great timing but most of the spots may be gone by then. If he does get chicken pox, an antihistamine can ease itchyness so worth a try so that atleast he can be page boy in the future – scar free!

John asks…

Diagnose me please? neck pain, etc.?

I know I should go to the doctor. In fact, I will probably go tomorrow. But I’m wondering what MIGHT be wrong with me, so that I will know what to expect. I hate needles and tests and hospitals, so I’m hoping to avoid all that if possible.

I am a 28yo female, healthy. I did have both shingles and erythema nodosum (sp?) in the past year or two.

Current symptoms:
-a VERY stiff, sore neck for the past 3 days. I have no knowledge of any injury but Friday morning woke up with a very painful neck. It hurt to turn it side to side or up and down. Sharp pain when moving it in any direction.
-Yesterday, the stiff, sore neck spread into the back of my head, like where my neck muscles connect to my head, so the base of the back of my head is sore too. Pain also spread down my neck to my upper back and shoulders. It is nothing like any stiff neck I have ever had- much more painful.
-mild fever of 99-100 degrees. I have been taking ibuprofen so it is possible it would be slightly higher if it weren’t for the ibuprofen.
– slight nausea, but I think that is from the pain of my neck (when I am in a lot of pain like from a broken bone or shingles, I always feel kinda nauseous so I think that is related to that.)
-mild headache, which again, I think is from the pain in my neck.
-have had symptoms that seem like a sinus infection (common for me) for about a week. Probably unrelated to the neck. Mostly a runny nose.
-generally feeling unwell.

Any thoughts?

PS- I originally thought maybe meningitis, BUT I don’t have a rash, haven’t been vomiting, I can touch my chin to my chest (actually, bending my head forward is the easiest direction to bend it), and I can lie on my back and lift my leg straight up, which I read is a test for meningitis.

admin answers:

You are correct in seeing your doc for this problem which is not getting better.You are also correct re the test you read about to rule out meningitis as this can cause a sore neck and fever.You are likely experiencing myalgias or muscular pains related to a viral infection which is causing your cold symptoms-but this can be tricky and I agree with your decision to get checked out.I hope all goes well for you and you are feeling well in no time-sounds like you have had a lot on your plate with the shingles and the erythema nodosum and all.

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