How To Treat Shingles

How To Treat Shingles

Article by Bob Carlton

If you’re looking for how to treat Shingles, there are many available Shingles treatments you could stick to to cure Shingles rapidly. Please make sure you pay attention to the information below and begin to apply the various methods.

While the most typical techniques on how to treat Shingles involve medications and drugs, there are many natural treatments available that you can follow. These types of natural methods are usually safer and may be quite effective.

Nonetheless, certain medicines can be useful depending on the severity of your condition. Your own medical doctor will be able to help you out greatest with the proper medication treatment, but again, don’t disregard the benefits and usefulness of a natural way on how to treat Shingles.

1) Make Use Of A Wet Cloth or Ice Pack To Numb The Pain From The Shingles Rash

You need to make sure the rash or blisters are clean at all times. An easy way to reduce the pain is to use a cold compress or even wet cloth within the infected area. You can do this repeatedly per day to get some instant relief. Do it up to twenty minutes at a time.

2) Calamine Lotion

You can use Calamine lotion to help with any kind of burning or itching that you might be going through. It may also help relieve any discomfort and help to make you feel much better immediately. Again, make sure the region is also thoroughly clean at all times.

3) Lemon-Balm Tea

Another effective technique on how to treat Shingles is to apply a lemon-balm tea and applying it to the infected areas. You want to soak 1 tbsp of dried lemon-balm leaves in 1 cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. Apply this to the infected region a minimum of 3-4 times per day. The advantage of lemon-balm is the fact that it helps stop the reproduction from the virus and can help heal the blisters fast. Also, you might like to try applying an anti-oxidant formula which has zinc and selenium.

4) Make Sure You’re Getting A Lot Of Rest

Make time to de-stress your self as well as feel great. Get plenty of rest, if that means sleep, or simply relaxing. You will want to make sure you are spending time faraway from work or even anything that may cause stress or discomfort in your life.

There are various effective Shingles remedies that can be used as well concerning how to treat Shingles which I suggest, along with other treatment options. Follow these types of steps, and the others found in the Fast Shingles Cure e-book and you will easily be able to get rid of Shingles in days.

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