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Many adults who have had chickenpox as children are susceptible to shingles as adults, often with the accompanying condition postherpetic neuralgia, a painful condition that makes it difficult to sleep. Even after the shingles rash has gone away, there can be night pain in the area affected by the rash.

So should you get the shingles vaccine? If you are over 60, the short answer is yes. For most people the vaccine is completely safe, and shingles has the potential to seriously disrupt your life in the short term and even in the long term. However, a few people should avoid the vaccine.

The skin rashes and the blisters that are formed on the skin will vary from one disease to another disease. Blisters are not present close to each other in Chicken pox. A person who is suffering from shingles will have all the blisters on the body to be crowded together. So, this variation needs to be identified and is possible with the use of shingles pictures.

Since Shingles and Chicken pox have same signs, the diagnosis may go wrong. Shingles pictures are also used to reduce the incidence of wrong diagnosis. Even a lay person who does not have a lot of medical knowledge will be able to identify the disease on their own. This is the reason for the shingles pictures to be very useful.

These medications and treatments can be prescribed by your doctor to ensure shingles pain relief. The pain may last for months or even years in some people. In managing chronic shingles pain, you should never overuse pain killers to relieve the pain as this will cause more damage than benefit in the long run.

The next day at the beach my unidentified red rash looked better after I applied an over the counter steroid cream (Note: steroid creams are a NO in shingles treatment). But as the day wore on, I felt drained, dizzy, and achy, like the flu without the cough.

Medical students who would like to learn of the different kinds of manifestation of shingles will also find the shingles pictures to be very useful. Since medical students need to have an in-depth knowledge of the various types of rashes and blisters that can be caused by shingles, the pictures are very useful. It is very rare to find all kinds of shingles patients in the same hospital. Many students will learn when they are able to see various shingles pictures.

You cannot contract shingles from a person suffering an outbreak. However, a person who has never had chickenpox and is not vaccinated could contract it from contact with shingles. Most people are affected in the age range of 50 -7There is a vaccine out that older people can take called Zostavax. This shingles vaccine is recommended for people 60 and older, particularly those suffering from debilitating disease and those having had shingles previously. This vaccine has been shown to reduce the incidence of shingles in this age group by one half. The duration of the shingles was also shortened. A physician must be consulted before this vaccine is given. Anyone showing shingles symptoms should seek a physician’s care.

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Shingles Treatment without vaccine

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